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TURF - Teaching University Research in French at high schools

English title Teaching University Research in French at high schools
Applicant Trachsler Richard
Number 188435
Funding scheme Agora
Research institution Romanisches Seminar Universität Zürich
Institution of higher education University of Zurich - ZH
Main discipline Romance languages and literature
Start/End 01.08.2019 - 30.11.2020
Approved amount 49'700.00
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All Disciplines (3)

Romance languages and literature
General history (without pre-and early history)
Other languages and literature

Keywords (10)

Middle Ages; Animals; Manuscripts; Bestiaries; Encyclopedias; Gymnasium; Paleography; French; Animal-lore; High-school

Lay Summary (French)

Cette troisième année de projet sur le l'animal dans la littérature et culture française du Moyen Âge accentue encore une fois l'aspect de la communication avec le grand public.
Lay summary
L'animal dans la littérature est un des axes de recherche de la chaire de littérature française médiévale à l'Université de Zurich, mais elle représente aussi un centre d'intérêt des adolescents d'aujourd'hui. Les dragons leur sont familiers par bien des séries de fantasy, les licornes sont omniprésentes autant dans l'imaginaire du film que dans la réalité du marketing: bouées, sacs d'école et autres accessoires associés au rose et à la couleur de l'arc-en-ciel sont omniprésents dans les magasins.
Au cours des deux dernières années, le projet TURF est allé à la rencontre des gymnasiens et a rédigé de nombreaux supports pédagogiques déjà mis en pratique. Pour l'année à venir, l'équipe élargira soncanal de communication avec le public. Aux journées d'études proposées aux élèves à l'université ainsi qu'au cours magistraux du professeur Trachsler dédiés aux gymnasiastes s'ajoutent deux conférences plénières grand public sur l'animal dans le bestiaire médiéval ainsi que la possibilité d'inviter le professeur à des conférences dans les gymnases.
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TURF: Teaching University Research in French at high-schools aims to extend the established contact between state-of-the-art university research in French and high school students by means of the medieval animal. Today’s teenagers easily relate to animal lore, which is present in everyday culture, mainly the visual industry such as films and TV-series but also in books. Aware of the modern existence of fabulous animals, teenagers are rarely informed about the long cultural traditions standing behind the modern animal.The current project plans to welcome high school classes for several study-days at University, now that teaching materials are assembled, working material was bought and experiences with incoming classes were positive during the past two years (AGORA reference number CRAGP1_178524). In order to meet the individual demands of the school levels, 10-15 such study-days will be scheduled.The study-days offered by the project aim for the students to: -discover the historical and cultural background of today’s fabulous animals, such as dragons, unicorns and griffin and to underline the role played by Antiquity and the Middle Ages in the Western European tradition; -appreciate the material production of medieval manuscripts, books and knowledge and how it was possible for them to come all the way to the present;-identify the characteristics of Old French through short transcription and translation exercises, as well as style, through work on metaphors, parables, or paronyms which explain the moral meaning of certain animals; -structure their own thinking and thereby construct their own identity;-widen their cultural horizon by discovering their own culture from a different perspective, thus also being capable of defending it; -confront literary works from the past with their own cultural values and personal opinions;-express themselves verbally and in writing, bringing into play subjectivity and imagination;-inspire themselves from models of literary expressions and play with them, creating their own texts which reflect their personal views.The activities during the study-days are set up in such a way that they contribute to the students’ personal development, critical and responsible reflection and encourage the discovery and pleasure of reading literature, all of which are explicit aims of the Swiss Plan d’études cadre pour les écoles de maturitéIn addition to study-days for students, there will also be two teacher trainings and two public conferences.