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Logics for Privacy

English title Logics for Privacy
Applicant Studer Thomas
Number 153096
Funding scheme Project funding (Div. I-III)
Research institution Institut für Informatik Universität Bern
Institution of higher education University of Berne - BE
Main discipline Information Technology
Start/End 01.05.2014 - 30.04.2015
Approved amount 63'048.00
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Information Technology

Keywords (5)

data privacy; controlled query evaluation; description logic; knowledge base systems; information security

Lay Summary (German)

Das Data Privacy Problem besteht darin, den Datenschutz in Informationssystemen zu gewährleisten. Das heisst, eine Datenbank, welche vertrauliche Informationen gespeichert hat, darf diese Informationen nur autorisierten Benutzern zugänglich machen. Das Hauptproblem in diesem Kontext liegt darin, so viele Daten wie möglich öffentlich zugänglich zu machen und gleichzeitig den Datenschutz zu gewährleisten.
Lay summary

Controlled Query Evaluation ist eine Technik zu Gewährleistung des Datenschutz. Dabei muss eine Datenbank Anfragen nicht unbedingt wahrheitsgemäss beantworten, sondern darf die Antwort verweigern oder falsche Antworten liefern, um vertrauliche Informationen zu beschützen. 

In diesem Projekt entwickeln wir mathematisch-logische Modelle und Algorithmen für den Datenschutz mittels Controlled Query Evaluation im Kontext von ontologischen Informationssystemen.




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Responsible applicant and co-applicants



Controlled Query Evaluation in General Semantics with Incomplete Information (PhD Thesis)
Werner Johannes (2015), Controlled Query Evaluation in General Semantics with Incomplete Information (PhD Thesis), Selbstverlag, Bern.
Censors for Boolean Description Logic
Studer Thomas, Werner Johannes (2014), Censors for Boolean Description Logic, in Transactions on Data Privacy, 7(3), 223-252.


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Prof. S. Artemov, CUNY, New York United States of America (North America)
- in-depth/constructive exchanges on approaches, methods or results
Prof. Dr. K. Stoffel, Institut du management de l'information, University of Neuchâtel Switzerland (Europe)
- in-depth/constructive exchanges on approaches, methods or results

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Logic and Applications Talk given at a conference Justification Logic 22.09.2014 Dubrovnik, Croatia Studer Thomas;

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132070 Logics for Privacy 01.05.2011 Project funding (Div. I-III)
132070 Logics for Privacy 01.05.2011 Project funding (Div. I-III)


Consider a system of communicating agents where each agent has his ownset of knowledge. An agent may share some part of this knowledge withother agents and he may consider some information as sensitive and thus keep it private. The privacy problem for an agent consists insharing as much knowledge as possible while at the same time protecting allsensitive information.If an agent is asked about knowledge that he considers private, he has twooptions to keep the secret:1. he can refuse to answer the question, or2. he can give an incorrect answer, that is he can lie.The answering protocol determines whether a query is answered truthfully or whether (and how) the answer is distorted or refused.In this project we study the privacy problem for description logic knowledge base systemsand we develop algorithms for various privacy strategies. In particular, we investigate controlled query evaluation mechanisms for ontological knowledge base systems.