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Synthesis of functional nanostructures and sensors by self-assembly

English title Synthesis of functional nanostructures and sensors by self-assembly
Applicant Severin Kay
Number 120124
Funding scheme Project funding (Div. I-III)
Research institution Institut des sciences et ingénierie chimiques EPFL - SB - ISIC
Institution of higher education EPF Lausanne - EPFL
Main discipline Inorganic Chemistry
Start/End 01.04.2008 - 31.03.2011
Approved amount 450'162.00
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Keywords (5)

Self-Assembly; Nanostructures; Macrocycles; Chemosensors; Host-Guet Chemistry

Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary
The objective of our work is the synthesis of functional nanostructures and of sensors for biologically interesting analytes. For the construction of both, the sensors and the nanostructures, we use a self-assembly approach. This method has the advantages that the syntheses are fast and easy. Furthermore, self-assembly reactions are intrinsically flexible because of their modular nature.Specifically, the following investigation will be carried out:?Structurally defined nanostructures will be synthesized by reaction of transition metal complexes having three available coordination sites with polyfunctional ligands. The resulting complexes will be investigated for their ability to act as specific hosts. Subsequently, the possibility to transduce the binding event into a signal output will be examined.?As alternative building blocks, we will use boronic acids to construct macrocycles and cages. Here, we will focus in particular on multicomponent reactions with three or four chemically distinct compounds using orthogonal coupling reactions.?Metal-based indicator displacement assays will be used to sense analytes of biological interest, in particular sugars. Furthermore, we will construct a photochemical device, which allows to determine the sequence of chemical events.Overall, this project will contribute to improve our understanding how complex structures and functional devices can be generated with the help of self-assembly processes. Knowledge of this type is believed to be of key importance in the emerging area of nanotechnology.
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