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Capacity building through research partnership: A case study on decentralisation and governance in Northern Albania

English title Capacity building through research partnership: A case study on decentralisation and governance in Northern Albania
Applicant Zürcher Dieter
Number 110880
Funding scheme SCOPES
Research institution Swiss Federal Institute for Technology ETH NADEL Center for Development and Cooperation
Institution of higher education ETH Zurich - ETHZ
Main discipline Economics
Start/End 01.10.2005 - 30.09.2007
Approved amount 59'748.00
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All Disciplines (3)

Social geography and ecology
Political science

Keywords (4)

Decentralisation; Good governance; Regional development; Local government

Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary
Albania has made great efforts during the last years to reform and consolidate its political and economic institutions. After decades of highly centralised governance the Government and donors have been promoting decentralisation and handing over of governance responsibilities to Local Governance Units (LGU) in recent years.There is only one niversity in the northern part of Albania, compared to the four in the southern part. The University of Shkodra was heavily impacted by the transition process and suffered by such problems as limited budgets, brain drain of lecturers and students, high rates of qualified people turnover and poor public services (frequent power cuts, etc). Despite these problems, the University of Shkodra is continuously trying to face challenges like curricula reforms (Bologna Declaration) and is also engaged in applied research activities addressing socio-economic and environmental development issues of the region.The proposed institutional partnership entails a co-operation between NADEL, the Faculty of Economy of the University of Shkodra, ANTTARC (capacity building NGO in Local Governance) and the Institute of Federalism (IRCC; University of Fribourg as a training provider in decentralisation).The aim of the proposed partnership between NADEL and the Economic Faculty of the University of Shkodra is to strengthen the research capacities and to establish a dialogue on decentralisation and good governance issues, since the latter is also a subject at NADEL. The specific objectives are:A) The human and institutional capacity of the Faculty of Economy is improvedB) The infrastructure of the Faculty is upgradedC) A research paper on Decentralisation on Shkodra region is publishedD) An efficient c-oordination and administration of the project is provided (NADEL & local Co-ordinator)The institutional partnership also aims at providing a relevant and actual contribution to the decentralisation efforts that Albania undertakes on its accession path to the European Union, especially in a context where the interpretation and implementation of the laws and rules at the local level still pose big obstacles and the effectiveness and efficiency of local tax/fee administration is seen as a critical factor.The output of the partnership will be a research paper compiling various contributions by lectures of the Faculty of Economy and the Faculty of Law analysing constraints and potentials in local tax/fee collection, distribution of roles between Local Government Units, the region, central Ministries and various committees as well as exploring the co-operation potential among local communes.The results of this process will be disseminated through a conference at the University of Shkodra, and publications.
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