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Kontext und pragmatische Aspekte in Question-Answering-Systemen

Gesuchsteller/in Bangerter Maya
Nummer 106162
Förderungsinstrument Marie Heim-Voegtlin Beiträge
Forschungseinrichtung Institut für Computerlinguistik Universität Zürich
Hochschule Universität Zürich - ZH
Hauptdisziplin Weitere Sprachen
Beginn/Ende 01.09.2005 - 31.03.2006
Bewilligter Betrag 44'829.00
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Formale Semantik; QA-Systeme; Constraint Programming; Entscheidungstheorie; Spieltheorie; Computer Linguistics; Discourse and Dialogue; Pragmatics

Lay Summary (Englisch)

Lay summary
Question Answering Systems currently represent a big challenge for Computer Linguistics. There is a immediate need for such systems due to the growing amount of available digital information. But the engineering progress in this area is moderate. Problems arrise but are not limited to the processing of large text corpora, specialized terminology and the integration of context and pragmatics into the formalization of natural language.I investigate a new approach to the last issue: Both, context and pragmatics, are of crucial importance, especially for the meaning of questions, a major topic in Question Answering. Unfortunatly, the complexity of the problem increases immensly, when contextual aspects are brought into a computational semantic analysis. Nevertheless we can still do so when we use formalized pragmatic rules as constraints which help to keep complexity in line. Recent advances in Formal Semantics show possibilities for an appropriate formal description of pragmatic rules in a gametheoretical framework. My project is concerned with the application of such formal descriptions in Computer Linguistics. Thus I will take advantage of recent findings in other research areas such as Formal Semantics, Philosophy of Language and Mathematics to take a step forward in Information Retrieval Systems Engineering.Considering the interdisciplinary topic, mathematical insights and philosophical considerations will both contribute to the success of this project while Logical Programming is another key element of my thesis.
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