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Single molecule investigations using dynamic force spectroscopy and optical tweezers

English title Single molecule investigations using dynamic force spectroscopy and optical tweezers
Applicant Hegner Martin
Number 105953
Funding scheme Project funding (Div. I-III)
Research institution Departement Physik Universität Basel
Institution of higher education University of Basel - BS
Main discipline Biophysics
Start/End 01.10.2004 - 31.01.2007
Approved amount 132'796.00
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Molecular Biology

Keywords (6)

single Molecule Manipulation/Spectroscopy; Cantilever Array Sensing; SPM; Optical tweezers; Nucleic Acids; Protein-Nucleic Acid interaction

Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary
Optical Tweezers projectA world wide unique force - and optical spectroscopy instrument was developed at University of Basel. First test with the setup showed that not only single quantum dots end-tethered to long dsDNA can be visualized but also single fluorophores attached at the 3’ end of modified dsDNA. In the second year of this grant we focused on a nanomechanical machinery which is responsible of ssDNA import in plants discovered in collaboration with the group of A.Engel (Biozentrum).Cantilevers: Nanomechanical sensing with membrane proteinsIdeally a biosensor for membrane protein receptors should be able to detect two physical changes upon ligand binding: First, the mass-increase caused by the ligand and, second, the conformational change of the receptor by which it transmits the signal towards the interior of the cell. Micromechanical cantilever based technique fulfills these criteria. The dynamic mode cantilever set-up was redesigned to have more stable fluidics and better stability in the dynamic response of the actuated cantilever array. With our cantilever array based biosensors with membrane protein receptors, we performed mass-increase detection upon ligand binding (dynamic mode) and observation of conformational changes of the receptor during transmission of the signal inside the cell (static mode) under physiological conditions in biocompatible buffers. We reported time-resolved mass adsorption measurements of biofunctional latex beads in a physiological environment using the biotin-streptavidin interaction.
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