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Integration von B-typ natriuretischem Peptid in die klinische Medizin

Applicant Mueller Christian
Number 102853
Funding scheme SNSF Professorships
Research institution Abteilung für Allgemeine Innere Medizin Medizinische Universitätsklinik A Universitätsspital Basel
Institution of higher education University of Basel - BS
Main discipline Internal Medicine
Start/End 01.04.2004 - 31.03.2008
Approved amount 1'365'451.00
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All Disciplines (2)

Internal Medicine
Clinical Cardiovascular Research

Keywords (6)

Heart failure; natriuretic peptides; cost-effectiveness; diagnostic strategy; dyspnea; asymptomatic valvular heart disease

Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary
B-type natriuretic peptide is a novel cardiac marker providing theclinician a unique window to the heart to assess right and leftventricular volume and pressure conditions. This information, provided bya simple bedside assay, may considerably impact on the practice ofmedicine. It is the aim of this project to design and perform prospectivetrials with clinical endpoints and test the hypothesis that the use ofB-type natriuretic peptide can improve the management of patients indifferent clinical settings, and in addition, reduce total cost of healthcare to society. This study project focuses on:Evaluation of patients with acute dyspneaLong-term management of patients with chronic obstructivepulmonary diseaseDiagnosis and risk stratification in obstructive sleep apneasyndromeRisk stratification in community acquired pneumonia
Renovascular hypertension
Asymptomatic valvular heart disease
Management of patients scheduled for orthopedic surgery
Detection of myocardial ischemia
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