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Genetic Introgression: Effects in Native Populations of Arable Weeds

Titel Englisch Genetic Introgression: Effects in Native Populations of Arable Weeds
Gesuchsteller/in Denoth Madlen
Nummer 102495
Förderungsinstrument Marie Heim-Voegtlin Beiträge
Forschungseinrichtung Unité d'Ecologie et Evolution Département de Biologie Université de Fribourg
Hochschule Universität Freiburg - FR
Hauptdisziplin Oekologie
Beginn/Ende 01.08.2004 - 31.07.2006
Bewilligter Betrag 192'494.00
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Keywords (6)

genetic introgression; outbreeding depression; plant population dynamics; mating system; rare species; arable weeds

Lay Summary (Englisch)

Lay summary
Effects of hybrid vigor, an increased offspring fitness as a result ofhybridization of local plants with introduced individuals, and outbreedingdepression, a reduction of offspring fitness that usually occurs in latergenerations, can occur in mixed populations of species, e.g. in thecontext of the restoration of native biodiversity in sown wildflowerstrips. Local females may prefer alien genotypes or embryos of mixedorigin over native genotypes due to their increased vigor. If individualsof mixed origin are not locally adapted or show effects of outbreedingdepression in later generations, the integrity and viability of suchrestored populations could be at risk. Using the native Plantagolanceolata as a model system, I examine the consequences of mixed pollenloads on seed paternity with the aid of microsatellite markers. My resultswill advance basic ecological research by testing fundamental predictionsfrom theory and, at the same time, contribute towards developingmanagement guidelines for plant introductions.

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