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Monitorage d'attitudes d'extrême droite, de xenophobie et de misanthropie: Une étude exploratoire

English title Monitoring right-wing extremist attitudes, xenophobia and mysanthropy in Switzerland: an explorative study
Applicant Cattacin Sandro
Number 101037
Funding scheme NRP 40+ Right-wing Extremism - Causes and Counter-measures
Research institution Département de Sociologie Faculté des Sciences de la Société Université de Genève
Institution of higher education University of Geneva - GE
Main discipline Sociology
Start/End 01.10.2003 - 31.08.2005
Approved amount 394'932.00
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Political science

Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary
Monitoring right-wing extremist attitudes, xenophobia and misanthropy in Switzerland:
An explorative study

The aim of this project is to develop an instrument for monitoring right-wing extremism, xenophobia and misanthropy in the attitudes of the Swiss population that can be implemented in future surveys on attitudes and used to develop trends.

First results of a group of German scientists, which have been working on building up regular reports on misanthropic attitudes and behaviour since 1999, seem to be very interesting for our purposes. Therefore parts of the German study, a cooperating of a few research institutes as well as a private research fund (GMF-Survey 2002; Heitmeyer et al.), will be adapted to the Swiss realities and will build the bases of our feasibility study.

Aims and methods
Analytically, we will develop a relatively open concept, integrating contrasting points of view. Initially, we will work on contextual variables, variables defining values and variables oriented to the consequences of opinions. Methodologically, we will take three steps. First we will develop and test questions in focus groups, then we will run the questionnaire in a small sample, and finally we will submit the questionnaire and analyse the resultants of a representative sample, including Swiss and foreign populations in Switzerland. Regarding attitudes, some analysis will be conducted beforehand to evaluate the opportunity of taking into account the misanthropic attitude indicators in the German population developed by Heitmeyer (2001). We will implement an international comparison guided by the question on how other countries have attempted measuring these attitudes. In particular, we will analyse the solutions proposed by the European Union survey, the Eurobarometer.

The developed instrument can be of crucial value for the Swiss and international research communities. It will be possible to replicate the validated research tool regularly (long-term analysis), to create trends on attitudes regarding right-wing extremism and xenophobia, to compare Switzerland to other countries and to adjust policies in this domain by taking into account the results of the surveys. The open access to the monitoring results (through SIDOS and/or the Swiss Federal Statistical Office) for all interested researchers will guarantee the systematic use and integration of this data into various research projects.
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